wow, i have to say i'm a little slow on the uptake here. i've been wanting to start this blog for awhile now, and i think i'm finally ready.
i've been super busy trying to get my little business [smidgebox] started, and this blog is part of the plan. i wanted to have somewhere to share my thoughts, inspirations, and endeavors, whether they be new products or gifts i've made, new designs i'm toying with, or stuff that i like that i want to talk about!
i guess i'll start with this.

this is a set of soft blocks i made for my baby girl for christmas this past year. i'm pretty happy with how they turned out, and she really loves them! i have a wee bit of a love of fabrics [or an addiction, depends who you ask] so i had fun choosing some of my favourites from my stash to use for each block.

i am in the process of making a few more sets of these for upcoming baby gifts. i also think these will be a great product for smidgebox. i'll probably end up paring the design down a bit, and maybe offering them in sets of three to begin with. eventually i'd love to accept custom orders, spelling out names or initials, or using specific themes to match a nursery. we'll see where these end up...

i look forward to popping in here a few times a week to share my thoughts. hope you enjoy!

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