camilla engman converse

when i first saw these shoes last spring, i just knew i had to have them. 
after wearing them sparingly for the first several months [to keep them nice and crisp and white, of course] i started to let myself wear them more and more. now they are looking, let's just say, well-loved
but it doesn't matter cause i still love them just the same. how could i not?

maybe i should have gotten a pair of these cute turquoise ones, too.

but i'm a total sucker for white sneakers, always have been.
i just wish i'd had the foresight to get more than one pair, and i could have had nice, fresh camilla engman converse over and over again. 

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Sheelagh said...

How come I've never seen these?? They are tres cute! :)

Love your blog, but find the "comment" line at the bottom tough to read - maybe a teeny bit bigger or a slightly brighter colour?

When do I start sending the link to my girlfriends?

Love me :)