handmade this and that

i've been working on a little handmade business to simultaneously fulfill my creative needs and help out with the finances, while being at home with the kids. i know i'm not the first and i certainly won't be the last, but i've been working hard, and i am just about ready to launch. 
through this process i've realized how much of a planner i am, preferring to have all my ducks in a row before i jump in. and lucky me, there are all these awesome people to learn from, right here at my fingertips. 

check out this great interview with the Bakery creators over at Modish Biz Tips. both of these sites have been loads of help to me with ideas, advice and inspiration to get me off on the right foot. you should definitely be reading their blogs if you're starting up on your own.

i'm almost ready. then i plan to watch these wee ones throw many more rocks in the ocean while i carve out the time for making some handmade this and that.

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