local focus :: the regional assembly of text

this week's local focus is a sweet indie shop on main street, the regional assembly of text. the shop is chock-full of goodies, from greeting cards, journals + stationery sets to screen-printed shirts, pillows + iron-on fabric letters. you can even join their button- or book-of-the-month club, what fun to get these little surprises in the mail each month! there is even a letter writing night the first thursday of every month, where you can sit at one of the many vintage typewriters and tip-tap away to your hearts content. 

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my personal favourite items include the fabric-covered wooden boxes, adorable printed chalkboards, and the lovely selection of 'little books'
the amazingly talented [and super friendly!] owners have done a fantastic job of branding their image, and the look is spot-on. you'll feel like you stepped back in time to your carefree grade-school days of note-passing, book reports + daydreams...
the regional assembly of text is one of the most original shops i've had the pleasure of visiting. i do hope you'll make it there sometime soon.

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modernemotive said...

Ooh, what a fab looking store!

I'll have to keep them in mind when I start approaching retail stores to stock my products.