local focus :: room6

i thought i'd like to start featuring some of my local favourites, including shops, companies, services and designers. here in vancouver we are lucky to have a fairly diverse shopping + design scene. of course there are many mainstream stores, but my faves are the small + unique one-off-shops, and we have some great ones. this first one is huge inspiration for the shop i dream of opening one day with my good friend mina.

room6 in deep cove is fantabulous. megan, the owner, has amassed a well-edited and beautiful selection of goods, and her oft-rotating inventory makes room6 the perfect spot to shop for yourself, your kids, your best friend, or your mom. 

images via room6.com

herewith, some of my faves:

this piece by local jewelry designer andrea waines :: 'live as if this is all there is' :: yes.
any of these items by track & field [more local!]
great clothes by bc company smoking lily
this awesome coat by soia & kyo
my fave reusable bags by envirosax
way too many lovely ceramics :: from j. mendocino, paige russell, perch
gorgeous paper goods and office supplies :: from cabin + cub [local!], uppercase gallery, snow & graham

all of the companies i've mentioned above have their own shops and websites. if you need a hand finding any of them, please let me know, as all of these links are to specific items in the room6 shop. 
room6, 'special things for nice people'. if you're on the lower mainland, get thee to deep cove and check it out.


erin said...

great idea! this place looks wonderful!

Sheelagh said...

now I want to go shopping! :( :)