smidgebox designs on etsy!

smidegbox designs is officially up and running on etsy! i am so excited and thrilled to announce the opening of my shop. i have been working towards this for some time, and i hope you'll stop by for a visit. thanks to my husband, and all my family + friends for encouraging me with my little business, i couldn't have done it without you all.

smidgebox designs was born from a need to be creative, and a desire to be close to home with my two young kids. i specialize in tote bags for adults + children, and fun accessories for wee ones. inspired by the many incredible fabrics available to me, i love putting together different combinations to showcase these textiles and create a unique product for you and your child. i welcome custom orders, and love to work with your favourite colours or nursery theme. personalizing an item with a child's initials makes for a special gift for newborns and preschoolers alike.

i will be showing some of my products here throughout the day, so please stop by again. more items will be added to the shop today and on the weekend! 

[a huge thankyou to my wonderful + supportive husband, who not only provided me with a name for my business but who stayed up way too late with me last night putting together graphics + photos for the shop!]


katemakes said...

Congratulations LS! You have worked so hard and it all looks fanrastic. Now go have a little nap (or a stiff drink).

katemakes said...

I meant FANTASTIC - I may be the one who needs a drink/nap combo.

lesley said...

i'm feeling wired, a drink this afternoon is definitely on the horizon ;)

Mme X-Bride said...

Congrats Leslie it looks wonderful! I have already let some of my ladies know, who I know would love your products!