summer vacation :: the alders

tomorrow, i'm off to a quiet spot on the east coast of vancouver island. my family started visiting 'the alders' the summer after i turned two. we returned every year during the same week, with many close friends who have done the same. it is a lovely tradition - since that first year, i've missed only three summers. even as a teenager who loved to avoid her parents [yup, that was me], i would beg for time off work, making it a priority to get up there, even if only for a couple of nights. this year i look forward to taking both the kids up, and staying in our rustic little cabin on the ocean, spending alot of time sitting, reading, playing, swimming, digging in the sand...all things summer.

i've planned a few posts to pop up here during the week, so please come back to visit while i'm gone. i don't believe there is wireless internet where i'm going, and if there is, i will choose to ignore it ;) this week i am going to unplug, and enjoy the slower pace of life at 'the alders'.


Perideau Designs said...

Have fun! Looks like a great place to visit.


erin said...

looks heavenly! enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Looks so wonderful and relaxing! My family is renting a cottage for the first time this summer and I'm looking forward to unplugging and hanging out on the beach with my husband and boys.

kate said...

that sounds so wonderful! i hope you have (or are having now) a lovely, relaxing holiday!

ella said...

this looks and sounds like such a beautiful special place.