etsy imagery :: pebble grey

we spent the afternoon yesterday at a local park, where the kids spent a good deal of time playing on the pebbly beach, throwing rocks in the water and playing with the smooth + rounded pebbles. for my etsy imagery this week, i thought i'd share some pebble greys. the felt pebbles have been one of my favourite items for a long long time.

all images via shops as listed below, top to bottom

felt pebbles :: kneek


modernemotive said...

Very nice.

Love the purse. I really want to make one of those. One day... still to fire up the sewing machine BUT I didn't get all my stuff organized. That's progress right? Yah, yes it is. ;)

Adele xo

modernemotive said...

Ooh shoot, I DID get all my stuff organized. DID! Forgive me, it's on 11.30am and I'm still no awake. :)