local focus :: laura bucci handmade

this week's local focus is about the lovely laura bucci handmade. i first saw laura's work some time ago, and was instantly smitten by the collections of gorgeous fabrics she uses in conjunction with crisp natural linen. i love the simplicity of laura's goods, they combine smart design with impeccably sewn details. seriously, i've never seen such straight seams + perfectly pressed corners!
i have recently connected with laura via the wonderful worlds of twitter + blogs. we somehow seem to have missed chatting in person at a couple of recent vancouver events [both the handmade nation screening and the vancouver etsy meetup] but i am sure that we will meet one another in due time. she is a very sweet + genuine person, who clearly enjoys making a living doing what she loves.

images via laura bucci handmade on etsy

laura has just recently started saving $1 from each of her online transactions to donate to kiva, an organization for micro-lending to entrepreneurs in poor countries. your money is given as a loan to an entrepreneur in need, and you get to choose where it's going + see the worker you are supporting. i think this is so fantastic, we should all take a page from laura's book.

you can read about laura on her website and blog, and be sure to visit the laura bucci handmade shops at etsy and big cartel [where canadians can pay at par, yippee!]. happy shopping :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, what a nice write up! It's nice that someone notices my attempt at straight lines (ha, ha, the details are not going to waste, that's nice). I like that you mention my fund raising effort for the Kiva entrepreneur, those things are important to me to balance the privilege we enjoy in our society. Thanks! And hope to meet you soon! I will be participating at Portobello West in November and December.

Jujube said...

Oh I like your blog! It is lovely.