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we took a saturday morning trip over to granville island this past weekend, which was great. i used to get there two or three times a week, but since we moved 'across the bridge' to north van last summer, it's become a rarity. if you lived in vancouver, you'd understand that people [myself included] make a pretty big deal of driving across those bridges. it's really not so far distance-wise, but there's just something about the bridge and its unpredictable traffic that makes it feel really far. anyhow, rambling aside, it was great to be back over at my old haunt. the highlight for me was visiting one of my most favourite shops, paper-ya.
as i wandered around ogling all the goodies, i made mental notes to remember a few of the lovelies i saw. i probably could have spent hundreds, but managed to limit myself to a few supplies i needed for biz notes, as well as these, which i've had my eye on for some time.

below are a few things i've loved for some time, and part of the reason i flock to paper-ya over + over. they always have just what i want to find, plus a few extra goodies i didn't even know i needed.

items via links as listed below, clockwise from top left

rhodia notepads :: rhodia
bloom everyday card:: smock paper
listography books :: listography
crop lunch box :: shinzi katoh
abc flash cards by julie morstad :: buy olympia
laptop bag - bunny and lace :: track and field designs

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