i heart etsy

i just had to share my excitement from this past week. i have had a really good ride with etsy right from the beginning, and lots of amazing support from the wonderful blog community. this past week has stacked up to be a great one for smidgebox designs.
on tuesday, i was delighted to find that my tangerine dream hallowe'en bucket was included in this etsy finds post on the storque [etsy's fabulous blog, for those who don't know]. entitled something wicked this way comes, the post is chock full of awesome hallowe'en goodies, ripe for the picking for one of my favourite holidays, just weeks away! i am just thrilled to have been included, and the traffic to my site since then has skyrocketed, with lots of inquiries coming my way. then the next day, i found that bucket tucked away in the hallowe'en decor gift guide, yay again!
{edit - tangerine dream is all sold out now! thanks all!}

i am counting my lucky stars this week, thanks etsy for being awesome! i'll be back next week with some more fashion yummies, and a fun imagery post on monday [it's been a while!].

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