monthly goal meetup :: september

summer has flown flown flown by. i can hardly believe that it's september 1!! let me start by saying that fall is my favourite season. the fashion, crisp fresh air, jeans, boots, back to school [which i always loved!], and did i mention the fashion? so, while we still technically have three more weeks of summer, i am looking forward to cozying up to fall and all it has to offer. i'm also trying to wrap my head around some business stuff, and move myself forward into the busy holiday season. nope, it's not too early to start prepping for that holiday. you know the one.

sunset in shediac new brunswick, august 2002

i am not really going to go over my goals for the summer. they were meant to be a little more relaxed than most, and i did manage to get some things done. i also seriously overestimated the amount of time i'd have to work on my biz. thank goodness for slow summers at etsy. things have really picked up the past two weeks, and my shop has been quite busy, mostly with custom orders. i've got a wee bit of a lineup happening! while i love that, the only problem is i've not had the chance to roll out a couple of the new products i've got spinning around in my head.
enough chatter! let's get to the goals.

1 :: register my business. i know. it's coming, promise.

2 :: get the current lineup of customs out the door by sept 10, so i can start making a few new products. i'd like to have two new products in the shop by sept 30, and hopefully at least two of each one.

3 :: have some wholesale policies + forms ready for the end of the month. i have had several wholesale inquiries, and i think i'd like to explore a couple of these venues. i need to work out my pricing, as well as my overall policies.

4 :: use more of my fabric stash rather than constantly buying more and more fabric. weird goal, i know, but i'm totally addicted to new fabric, and i have so many lovelies that haven't made it into the shop yet!

5 :: start on the inventory i'll need for my two craft fairs this winter. one is in mid-november + the other early december, so i really need to start accumulating stock!

6 :: personal goal, i need to make time for myself to exercise. sheesh, i feel like a bit of a lump lately. twice a week, please, one weekend + one weeknight.

i think that'll keep me busy. at least a couple of them are open-ended, so i'm not trying to kill myself here, and i am sure more than one will eke it's way into next months list. i'm just trying to get them out there and start 'em off!
if anybody is interested in sharing any wholesale tips, i'd be all too happy to listen! i will be re-reading jena's great wholesale posts over at modish biztips, and scouring the net for more pearls of wisdom. in fact, there was a great article by marichelle at heart handmade just today. in case anyone else is wondering :)

thanks for listening to my ramblings, and i'm looking forward to visiting some of the other goal-setters in the next few days!


Cheryl said...

Hi Lesley,

Lovely list you have there and I can't wait to here about the craft shows!!!

I'm in LOVE LOVE LOVE with Jena's blog and just started last month with the Biz Tips posts so hopefully I can get my butt into gear as well.

Talk soon! ;) And nothing is wrong with collecting fabric (don't tell my husband I said that -- I have some hidden from him. HAHAHA!)

laurabucci said...

I think it's good to try and use up fabric you've got. Think of it as potential cash/profit, but it isn't until it becomes something people can see.

I've started to work on inventory too!! The thing with wholesale is that it's usually 50% of your suggested retail which wholesalers assume that's what your Etsy price is (suggested retail). They'll normally sell your product for a bit more than you do. Obviously, you'll want to set quantity minimums and order minimums so that you can profit from wholesale. I can share more via email if you have more specific questions. Good luck with your goals! Exercise sounds good, it's needed here too.

Liz said...

Hi Lesley
Great September list, good luck on the wholesale end of things, and I am so with you on the exercise thing!

Kedzie said...

As someone who has a large stash of fabric (and I'm a photographer) I totally approve of your goal to use it up. I'm trying out the Modish goals for the first time this month so it's great to see everyone's lists.


Cyn said...

"That holiday" Yes, I know the one :) I feel the pressure already. I like your goal of using the fabric you have on hand - almost like a challenge to yourself. As for exercising, I find if I sign up for a race or something to train for, I will make the time to work out more often. Good luck this fall, Lesley!

kate said...

use what you've got - i've been doing that all summer and it's been a welcome challenge. as for exercise - too bad we all can't do our handsewing/finishing while on a treadmill or at yoga. i have knit while walking but with dangerous results!

Anna said...

Fall is my favorite season too, the jeans, the leaves, the air. I don't have fabric, but I have lots of paper and am always buying more. It's great to use what you have - it makes it more exciting when you get new additions, and you don't end up with 'doubles' (spontaneously buying a paper and realizing later I had three sheets already). Good luck with your September goals!