some things i've been up to

so i just wanted to share a few new sets of custom cloth blocks i've finished up in the past week. i hope you're not tired of seeing them here! i love making them, and showing the photos to you gives me a bit of closure as i send them off to their new homes.

first up we have the 'wgb' blocks, commissioned for a sweet baby boy here in greater vancouver. i was asked to use lots of different blues and greens, and to highlight the happy green apple fabric, as well as alexander henry's 2D zoo [a fave fabric, it seems, for many!]

and here we have sadie's blocks. these are about to be whisked of to nyc, and i hope sadie + her family love them as much as i do. they were commissioned by a friend of theirs, and were really fun to put together. love the bright + happy colour scheme that was chosen, and i think they turned out super fun.

last but not least, this set of blocks for baby cash. i was asked to use browns + greens and some other colours to complement those. i included a couple of my hoarded 'difficult to find' fabrics, heather ross' dogs on blue, and my favourite japanese trees, you can see them there on top of the green a block. you can still find bits of the other colourways of those trees, but i have yet to find any more of the blue + green trees. anyone? i'd love to get my hands on more. bit of a tangent there, but i love the bold colours of cash's blocks, and i do hope they are well-received.

thanks for bearing with me as i show you all some of what i've been up to. i am finishing up two more sets of blocks this weekend, then i am moving on to a few fabric buckets, and some custom totes! in between, i hope to find some time to start bulking up my inventory for holiday craft shows. phew! don't worry, i'll share pics when they're all done ;)


i also wanted to say a big thanks to some people who featured my products this week! my jack on black hallowe'en bucket was posted on coochicoos, a 'design blog for modern parents'. then, my pink baby girl cloth blocks were included in lori dean dyments' wordless wednesday post. and finally, craftnouveau posted my hallowe'en buckets in her flickr friday hallowe'en preview today. thank you, everyone, i am constantly delighted + amazed by this online community, and this week has been very good to me.
one more sweet treat, i woke up this morning to find that ghostly delight had been on the front page of etsy! yahoo!! that is my first front page appearance, i'm so excited. i'm just sad it happened at 4am our time, i didn't get to see it 'live'. thanks etsy, you rock!


Little Willow said...

I love these! I'm adding them to my wishlist for our baby!

Jennadesigns said...

Congrats on making the front page - it's a great feeling, isn't it! I was thrilled the first time it happened for me!

Love your products - they're all wonderful!

Ammie said...

These are so, so cute, and so fun for babies to play with.

mchen said...

Woohoo for you, Miss! Lots going on :) Great custom projects, and a happy dance for the front page. Wonderful work, all 'round... and lucky WBG, Sadie & Cash!

Shee :) said...

Way to go smidge!

Will loves his WGB blocks - I have pics to send to you (and his Mommy was uber-impressed too!)

Congrats on the etsy front-page - that's sweet! Bet you'll get lots of hits from that :)

lesley said...

hiya! thanks, everyone :) i love making these blocks, as i mentioned, so it's nice to hear when they're well-liked by others, too.
[and yes, m! i did a little front page happy dance, for sure]