a green hallowe'en

like many others, i'm trying to be a little greener in my everyday life. of course at holiday times, there are so many opportunities to be a consumer. hallowe'en is topped only by christmas as the most consumerist holiday, and that inevitably means alot of disposable and discarded items. poorly made costumes worn only once, cheap plastic toys + trinkets, crappy decorations. but there are many alternatives, of course. vintage, thrifted, upcycled garments, even household items repurposed + used for costumes. natural, reusable or recyclable decor. eco-friendly party invitations + wrapping.

smidgebox hallowe'en treat buckets, the 09 batch

i definitely had this in mind when i made my hallowe'en treat buckets for my shop. i imagined they could be used year after year for trick or treating, but also as year round storage for small costume parts or little toys. so, i was beyond excited when i was contacted to take part in a green hallowe'en contest over at inhabitots! they found my shop at papernstitch last month, and contacted me to join in the fun. to enter, you just submit pictures of your creative diy green hallowe'en costume, and you could win some fun prizes, including a personalized jack on black treat bucket! so if you're thinking green for your tot this hallowe'en, head on over and enter to win!

in case you're wondering, i'm not making any more of these little guys until next year's batch. they were a big hit, and i can't wait to see some pics of wee trick-or-treaters sporting their smidgebox buckets!


Cheryl Gerbera said...

living in the world as over populated as ours, it's good to know that someone is thinking green.. :)
cute design too!


ana said...

how very lovely! & i love the idea of being greener for halloween.