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one of my most favourite things on the planet is paper. and i mean, i'm obsessed. i love the feel, the texture, the myriad of styles + colours + designs. i'm totally enamoured with office goodies, note pads, calendars, jotters, journals, books. you name it. but most of all i love stationery. there's nothing quite like well-designed, beautifully executed, and lovingly printed stationery. i love to collect cards and notes, and i must say, i often have a hard time parting with them. over the next while, i'm going to highlight paper goodies from some of my favourite shops, just a few times a week, to help me catalogue my obsession ;) i hope you'll join me!

on that note, i'd like to introduce you to modernemotive. designer + owner adele miller brings a sophisticated yet playful touch to her line of contemporary paper goods. i have been lucky enough to get to know adele over the past several months over on twitter. she was one of my first 'friends' in that crazy place, and i am so glad to have stumbled upon such a sweet, funny, caring, and talented gal.
it's easy to see that adele has a long history in graphic design. her patterns and layouts are some of the best i've seen in a long time. i love the use of subtle greys paired with punches of colours like tangerine, aqua, carnelian, and chartreuse.

part of modernemotive holidays 09 collection

what really draws me in to adele's work are the patterns. i think the wonder of a pattern is that it looks effortless, flawless, a perfect repeat. the fact is, repeats are one of the trickier graphic aspects to pull off properly, and adele achieves this with perfection.

a collection of thank you cards

another of my favourite design elements at modernemotive is adele's 'scribble' graphic. i love the look of the perfect hatching pattern within the letters or image. it reminds me of my endless doodling in highschool, just like this card. love it!

while it's exceedingly hard to choose, i think my favourite modernemotive card is the last one pictured above, the apple of my eye. that has long been one of my fave songs, and i just think it's a fantastic way to let someone know you care.

please check out the modernemotive etsy shop. it's a one-stop stationery shop chock full of notes, announcements, greetings, holiday cards, calling cards. i promise you'll love it. and if you're looking for a nice read, stop on by adele's blog and say hello, tell her i sent you :)

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Jen {The Stationery Boutique} said...

Hi Lesley! Great post. I love Adele's work, too. The designs are so clean and fresh, and I love the colors.

Jen :)