the good, the bad + the ugly :: 12 days of christmas videos

december 9th! how did it happen? time has totally flown this season. i've been super busy with craft shows and shop orders, but have found some time to get in the christmas spirit, in particular, the music! my favourite holiday tunes range from sweet to sentimental to down right cheesy. to my delight, i have recently found my kindred christmas spirit, in my friend and fellow canadian etsy gal, Lindy.
Lindy and I decided to join forces this next couple of weeks to share with you our 12 days of christmas videos, including the good, the bad, and the ugly. Head on over to Lindy's fabulous blog for today's pick, and be sure to check back here tomorrow for day 2! We'll be alternating weekdays right up until christmas eve, so we'll be sure to get you in the holiday spirit.
Hope to see you here!

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Lisa said...

Awesome! This will help get me ready for the holidays. I keep thinking we have so much time but it is flying by

Molly said...

The Vince Guaraldi CD is on permanent rotation at our house this time of year!