hall & oates :: the tackiest yet.

ok, this is seriously a cheesy video. one of the tackiest i've ever seen. but funny and christmassy nonetheless. enjoy!

Lindy and i will be continuing our 'the good, the bad + the ugly :: 12 days of christmas videos' next week right up until christmas eve with my all-time fave pick. do come back and have a look, it's pretty classic.

other than that, i have been working away like a busy little bee this past week, getting my last orders finished for local delivery. i'm closing my shop for the holidays today, a nice break, and will be back with new stock january 4th. i can't wait to have a fresh new year, and start it off with a bang!
next week, my son is taking his first ski lessons [fun!!] and i'll be working on one of these for my baby girl. i'm even going to attempt to find time to finish my son's quilt. i only started it 18 months ago [blush]. i'll try to share some pictures along the way. enjoy this ramp up to the holidays, i know i will!

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