phew for friday

this week has been next to non-existent for me, it feels like. i was super tired from got craft, having over-extended myself for weeks in preparation. [pics to come, this weekend!] then all week i've been working hard at some orders which are waiting to get out early next week. all this to get ready for christmas, which is coming faster than i'd like! i still have to get working on the gifts i've got slated for my own kids, for whom i make something each year, by hand, with love from mama. i promise to share those projects when they're ready, too.
i will be closing my shop from december 18 til january 3. i need a break from it for a short while, to regroup, renew, and enjoy my sweet family over the holidays. i have big plans for the new year, and i cannot wait to get started!

this is a picture i took from my front step last year, right around this time. what a difference! our first flakes just fell today, nothing of note, just a few flurries. last year, we had a good foot of snow all through december. and while i absolutely love the snow, i must say i'm glad it's holding off for now. i need a few more days in the clear.

i do hope you have a fantastic weekend. i know i will! and please, don't forget to check out lindy's blog today for her christmas video pick. it will have you laughing, i'm sure.

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