alice melvin

i am absolutely smitten with this aviary collection by alice melvin. i can't recall how i first came across her work, as it has been mentioned in a multitude of places of late, but i couldn't resist sharing it here, too. i just love the earthy colours and deco feeling.
while i wish i could devote an entire wall to the individual hand screenprinted birds, i'd be happy enough just to hang the beautiful poster in my workspace. who doesn't love pretty birds, anyway?

image via alice melvin

have a look at the whole alice melvin shop, you'll be glad you did. it's chock full of whimsical paper delights. while you're there, do check out the 'cut out and make' series. i especially love the mobile + the menagerie.


Anna said...

Thanks for sharing her work, I'm smitten too!! Her prints are gorgeous - the colors, the delicate lines (amazing that they're screenprinted by hand!) and most of all the style! What beautiful birds.

Pinecone Camp said...

More birds! Love this print. Thanks for posting.