city love :: olympic fever

this past weekend, we took the kids downtown to spend the day amongst the olympic revelers. locals + tourists alike were out in force. we explored the sights at livecity yaletown, then wound our way through town to the library, ending our day at the vag + robson square. i thought i'd share a few pics i snapped along the way.

first up, here are some shots from inside vancouver house. local artists, designers + media with eco-minded practices are highlighted in this minimal, stylish space. i love the lighting installation at the centre of the pavilion, shown below. curved natural plywood slats surround vellum bulbs lit with leds. very cool. there was a lovely + quiet lounge area, showcasing some coffee tables from brent comber's shattered series. i only wish i'd had the chance to read the various written blurbs, but with two busy kiddos running around and getting impatient, i had to be satisfied with a quick tour and a few hasty snapshots.

next up, the library. since the new building was completed in 95, it has been one of my favourite spots downtown. i love the extensive use of glass, and how the angular construction cause it to reflect its many panes over + over. downstairs, you can write a wish for peace on a sheet of vellum, fold it up into an airplane, and launch it up to land in a net suspended above in the atrium. at night, tiny led lights at the tip of each plane twinkle like stars in the sky.

and the crowds. by far the craziest thing, i've never seen so many people out in this city. the excitement and the buzz, along robson street especially, is just amazing.

my little guy, enjoying some music in front of the art gallery

while i've had many mixed feelings about these games [which i'm just not going to get into here, i'm not here to chat politics!], i must say i definitely felt proud to be able to call vancouver my home.

a strategically placed building wrap, reflecting a perfect canada flag.

{edit :: march 17 :: some of these links may no longer be live, as many of the olympic websites seem to have been removed since the end of the events. sorry for any confusion!!}