inspiration :: all around

i've been thinking a lot about inspiration this past weekend. it's usually one of the first questions that comes up in an artist or designer interview. what inspires you? i'm not sure whether anyone has an easy time answering this one, but i know that i don't. my inspiration really comes from all over. so what is it that inspires my creativity? i have a far easier time answering this question, and i think it is directly related to inspiration. what are you passionate about? well, that's easy, and it translates. architecture, nature, fashion, colours, textiles, my children. i could go on and on.

live what you love letterpress print by hijirik

so why all this talk about inspiration? last week on twitter, conversation got flying around about the desire for a community blogging event, and the great blog it forward mashup was born. the fabulous victoria from sfgirlbybay has taken on the organization of the event. it's going to be great. bloggers from all over, sharing their inspiration + passion, and blogging it forward to share with this incredible community. i can't wait to read, participate, and discover some new places to visit. i hope you'll follow along, or join in! email victoria from sfgirlbybay for information if you're interested, it promises to be fun. it all starts next week.

you make it happen print by virginia kraljevik

i'm going to take some time this week to share some of my passions. i do hope you will pop in to see. inspiration. isn't it everywhere?