pencils as stilts

i am absolutely smitten with illustrator julie morstad's work. i've long been a fan, and i have to say i love pretty much anything and everything that she produces. it makes me smile to think that she's a local talent [yay, vancouver!]. every time my son + i read one of her books, we both giggle over the delightful drawings. my daughter's room is adorned with the artist's abc flash cards, hung with mini clothes pegs on baker's twine. i think julie's work touches such a wide range of people. the hauntingly beautiful faces, saturated colours, playful scenarios. adults will have a little chuckle from the tongue in cheek imagery, while children are drawn to the whimsy + fun.
images via julie morstad

i just love the idea of pencils as stilts. i'd like to see what these girls draw with their feet, as they dance and twirl through their day. birds as kites, gluttonous girls who've imbibed in too much tea, men growing in fields of poppies. it's all just too wonderful. head over to julie morstad's site for more of her portfolio, and her shop, stocked with a handful of delightful prints.