in dreams :: about a year

{ the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams }
eleanor roosevelt

one year ago i embarked into the world of etsy, and opened up my little shop. i didn't realize at first how it would affect my creativity, my thoughts, my family, my dreams. there are days when i can't even remember not doing this, day in and day out.
i love the fact that i get to be creative every single day.

when i get new fabric in the mail i can hardly contain my excitement. the feel of it, the colours, the brilliant patterns. i live and breathe fabric. my son loves seeing the new things i create, and i hope i'm instilling in him the importance of making. while my kids are, of course, my main focus during the day, i think it's good for them to know that i am working hard, and that they are the reason i am doing this. when i find myself really busy and swamped with work, i remind myself of that. the fact that i get to be here with them, every day, and watch them grow + explore + learn + play. that this is the route i chose, rather than go back to work. i won't say it's not a struggle at times, but it is so so worth it.

i have gotten so much out of this past year, more than improving my skills, or making a little money. i have found a place in a most incredible community. through etsy, twitter, this blog, and my favourite online reads,
i have met some incredible people. people whom i consider friends and colleagues. like-minded people who are quick to offer advice, wisdom, encouragement, thoughts, and ideas. cheerleaders of indie and handmade. people whose opinions + thoughts are ones that i value and look forward to hearing. there are so many of you! thank you, all. i think you know who you are :)

to express my thanks, i want to offer a little token. i've been working on a new line of goodies, the peek-a-boo naturals collection. part of this new line is made up of products i offer already, made with a bit of a twist. part will be new designs, things i've had in mind for some time but haven't yet gotten to the sewing machine. i'm not ready to reveal the new items just yet, but here is a peek at some of the fresh linen mini buckets. i hope you like them!

i will be giving away one of my new mini peek-a-boo naturals buckets to a lucky winner! if i get more than 50 comments, i'll give away another one, too! the more the merrier. i will keep the giveaway open until may 6, and announce the winner[s] on the 7th. to enter, please leave a comment on this post [kindly only one per person]. you can say whatever you like, but also let me know which colour palette is your favourite from my new line.
ocean, flora, or forest?

to sweeten the celebration, i will be offering 15% off everything in my shop, starting today at noon through monday noon. prices in the shop will reflect the discount, no need to wait for a revised invoice, shop to your hearts content!
i truly appreciate all the support and cheerleading i've received this past year. i get to be doing something i've always dreamed of. creating, doing what i love, for me and for others. thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

{edit :: may 6th, 11pm. giveaway now closed! thanks for all the lovely + thoughtful comments, i really enjoyed reading them all. i will announce a winner on may 7}