small choices

i try to make good choices. buy local, buy handmade, buy organic when i can. fewer junky plastic toys, more wooden or well-made. but like everyone else, i am often swayed by a deal, the easy out, or a multitude of other reasons that seem to crop up. the other day, scoutie girl blogger tara wrote a lovely article about buying handmade. you should really read it, and visit scoutie girl often. it is a virtual treasure trove of handmade. there is always an "easier way" but is it always the smarter choice? i'm going to go ahead and say here that i will be making a concerted effort to do these things.
and take a good long look at what my family actually needs to consume
and own. quality, local, less. i'm going to try.

quality, handmade clothing. organic? even better! while i know i won't be able to make this choice all the time, i will certainly be looking to more quality over quantity. longevity in our clothing saves the earth, let's keep all those disposable clothing items out of our landfills! i love love this shirt. while i look terrible in yellow, it is available in other colours. love!

since christmas, my husband has been packing his lunch in one of these reusable food wraps. they are awesome, and they are local! a great product, i highly recommend abeego. get rid of that plastic wrap!

and for my coffee, if i can't remember my own mug, the least i could do is use this gorgeous cup cozy by local artist laura bucci, made with her own fabric designs. so chic!

eco cup cozy - vintage bicycle :: laura bucci handmade

and in case you need a reminder, this is definitely something that helps our planet. find your nearest farmer's market, or at the very least make local choices at your grocer. i have an awesome little produce shop just a few minutes away, and there are a multitude of local goodies!

near here shirt :: original silver