dead daffodils

i was gifted these two daffodils by my son a couple months back [so sorry to the poor gardener who was missing a few blooms back in march...] and i had put them into a vase with a little water. they have long since dried up, but i'm reluctant to part with them. i love the way they are all crinkled up and papery. how the stamens are still coated in pollen, perfectly curled and boldly yellow.
i've mentioned my fascination with dead leaves here before, and now here i am ogling dead flowers. the daffodils are the perfect complement to that particular shelf, too, all dressed up in black + white + grey.

i kind of like how this last one turned out, it makes me think of a watercolour painting, softly blurred edges and muted tones. i've been enjoying playing with my camera lately, i'd love to take a class or two, but in the meantime, practice practice practice whenever i can.