lookie here...

yesterday i took a rare day away from this space [unintentionally, just super busy around here!] but then found myself a few little pockets of time that i filled with reading more blogs than i have in a while. and there was just so much goodness out there, i thought i'd share a few links today to some of the things that caught my attention. enjoy!

popbar, a gorgeous popsicle spot in nyc, blogged at simplesong

papier mache, an online mag that is rather stunningly beautiful, blogged at bloesem kids {psst...papier mache has a blog, too}

this amazing tutorial for making your own fabric tape, blogged at creature comforts via maya*made

all of the fabulous nss wrap-up posts around blog land, in particular these pictorial round ups { day 1 :: day 2 :: day 3 :: day 4 } by eva of sycamore street press, blogged at poppytalk. i was especially taken by these lovely shops, from top, hammerpress, kamal, and pearl & marmalade.