one for my baby...

after spending an entire day in bed, i was pretty happy to be feeling better last night. so much better, in fact, that i had it in me to whip up this little
oliver + s tea party sundress for my baby girl [who's not such a baby anymore, almost two!]. my only regret with this pattern is that i didn't make one sooner! i'm not sure if i felt daunted by it or what, but it was simple, straightforward, and the results look deceivingly fancy, if i do say so myself. all in, i'd say it only took me about two hours, including a hand-stitched hem and my super-slow cutting skills. [oh, and a couple mistakes + unpicked seams along the way. i guess i wasn't feeling super swift after all]

please excuse the wrinkles. it seems my iron + i have a bit of a love-hate relationship.

i've made a couple of oliver + s patterns before, and each time i am super happy + impressed by the clear instructions and beautifully thought out details by designer liesl gibson. she makes a beginner's pattern look like a professionally finished garment, thanks to simple details like a lined bodice and faced hemline. it just looks so much cuter than a turned up hem!

i couldn't resist using these little apple buttons, i thought they looked sweet with the colours [my old fave combo of orange + pink] and went with the whimsical tree fabric perfectly. now i can only hope that little d will wear this willingly, maybe even with her sweet red mary janes, as i can't imagine the effect would be the same with her preferred rubber boots.

:: thanks so much for the get-well notes yesterday, i think they worked! ::