belts + bands

all tied up with a bow. 72 pieces total, in the end.

i packaged them in little cello bags with these tags attached to the tops.
i kind of whipped up the tags at the last minute, so they aren't quite perfect, but they looked sweet enough. everything was very well-received and much-loved. all the kids were donning their new handmade goodies by the time the day was through! i'm so glad that they loved them.

i had a lot of encouragement from the other moms to offer these as potential loot bag stuffers in my shop. that's actually something that's been at the back of my mind for a while, but i have always worried about price point. in order for it to work, they'd have to be in the ten to twelve dollar range, which i'm not sure would fly for loot bags. maybe more as an individual gift, they'd work? what do you think?