cozy up blankets

i've been making a fair number of custom personalized smidgey blankets of late. i love helping my customers choose the colour schemes + style for their special blanket. i am sure that any baby would love to be snuggled up in a stylish, modern, fun blankie with their name or initials on it.
don't you think?

i've decided to offer a specific listing in my shop for custom smidgey blankets. it makes things a little easier for me, and hopefully more clear for those wanting that personalized option.
i'm offering three different styles for now. first, there is a double stripe of patchwork with the name underneath, as in the top photo. second, the curved patchwork path with the name beside, as in the second photo. third, a single stripe of patchwork [a 'sky', if you will] with an applique image and the baby's name, as in charlie's blanket from my previous post. the images i'll offer for the third option will be flowers, a tree, a kite, or a hot air balloon.

i feel like this gives my customers a good number of options. they can choose up to three colours for the scheme, and i'll select a group of fabrics that will be sure to please. when they receive the blanket, they will have a one-of-a-kind, gorgeous heirloom blanket for their own baby, or as a gift to a special little one.

[no, these blankets are not for the same baby - i guess there are at least two new baby girls named lily in vancouver this spring!]