custom nursery storage

in trying to catch up on my flickr uploads, i have been editing and sorting through photos of products i've made over the past three months or so. these buckets were custom made for a new baby's nursery in edmonton. the baby's mom chose fabrics to reflect her style, and create a calm and welcoming feel for the space. i really love the fabrics she picked [surprise, surprise, grey + aqua]! she wanted four large buckets to act as general storage, made to fit nicely in an ikea expedit bookshelf. the fifth + smaller bucket is going to be used as a diaper caddy for the change table, and fits a little stack of diapers and a bin of wipes.

i photographed these in my baby girl's room before sending them off. it just so happens we have an expedit cubby in her space, so it was nice to get a feel for how they'll look in their new home.

i am hoping to get the chance to list some of these larger buckets in my etsy shop soon. i've gotten some really positive feedback so far, and think they'd be a welcome addition to my fabric bucket collection [which, by the way, is looking really sparse right now. have i mentioned i've been busy?]. at about ten inches square, they are roomy + functional. they'd work equally well in a nursery, living room [magazines], or wherever you curl up to do your knitting!

i'm going to share some more of my recent commissions over the next couple of weeks, as i continue to sort through pics. in the meantime, i'd love to hear what you think of these larger buckets!