school boy's desk

one of my son's friends has an old school desk in his room. i can't stop thinking about it, and would just love to have one for my son's room, it would be awesome. i remember having one in our classes back in elementary school. i wasn't the tidiest or most organized kid, and used to cram as much stuff as i possibly could into that little space. it makes me wonder what treasures o would keep in his desk.

it would be pretty fun to get a few vintage-y goodies to round out the look, as well as some supplies to stock his desk. one of the things i'm most looking forward to when o starts kindergarten in the fall is buying school supplies. who wouldn't want to learn cursive writing with little blue 'oh happy day!' pencils? i. cannot. wait.

images via shops as listed below, top to bottom.

disenchanted drawing book :: present & correct
royal quiet de luxe typewriter with case :: hammermann [thanks for the tip, molly!]