geo grand

several weeks ago, i got an awesome email from jan dicintio of daisy janie. she had just received the first bolts of her new organic fabric collection,
geo grand, and she was wondering if i'd be interested in working with her to create some of my peek-a-boo fabric buckets to highlight these amazing fabrics. well, there wasn't any need for me to think about it for more than a few seconds, of course i was interested!! in fact, i had a hard time wiping the grin off my face. so exciting!

jan + i chatted back and forth a little, and shortly afterwards, this sweet set of nesting buckets was born. i am super excited about how they turned out, and last week they finally made it out to jan's home -- and she loves them!
i am so glad, i was seriously holding my breath until they were safe in her hands! i think the peek-a-boos really show the fabric off well. what do you think?

i can't say enough about these fabrics. the colours are amazing, and i love the funky retro vibe of the graphics. they are a dream to work with too. they sew beautifully, the seams lie so nicely, and the body + weight of the fabric will lend itself well to a wide range of products for home or personal accessories. i can't wait to sew with them some more!!

the best part of this project for me was the fact that jan wanted to work with little old me--i'm such a huge fan of hers!! i first came across jan's work through an interview last april on the old modish biz tips blog. i was immediately drawn to the fabrics in her etsy shop, they are so gorgeous! but most of all, i was drawn to jan's genuine willingness to share her advice, her experience, and her wisdom with small business owners everywhere. jan has so much to share, and ever since this interview [and the many others she has given around the web], i have considered her to be a sort of unofficial mentor. i've learned so much from her. thank you, jan!

ps - have a peek at the lovely blog post jan wrote about the buckets. such kind words, i am so very honoured.