huset :: an ode to scandinavian lovelies

i just love scandinavian design, don't you? the sleek lines, retro motifs, and spectacular bold colours. huset is definitely my current fave spot to ogle gorgeous scandinavian offerings. i'm also smitten with their styling, they make everything look so bright + inviting. i'll take one of everything, please!

images via huset


i was first introduced to huset some time ago by my good friend molly. you have probably heard me mention molly around here before, and it is because every time she recommends something, it is bang on. she has amazing taste in art, and has introduced me to many of my new favourite artists + etsy shops. a couple weeks back when she mentioned wanting this isak bread board [city version pictured above], i told her it is one i also covet for myself, and have given as a gift in the past. to this, she replied, 'we are like two peas in a pod'. i agree! if we lived closer, i know we would be fast friends.
anyhow, i mention molly today, because i haven't shared this lovely post she wrote about my goodies a while back. molly ordered a daily tote + peek-a-boo pouch from me, and was kind enough to share it with her readers. i am absolutely thrilled that she loves it [yay!] and hope it gets lots of pool-time this summer! thanks for the kind words, molly :)