custom goodies

while i was away a couple weeks ago, i got a slew of custom orders flooding my inbox. funny how these things come in droves when i finally take a vacation! not complaining, but i sure had a busy week last week, as the first three all needed to get out by friday morning. i thought i'd share them with you here.
i'm loving making these new custom smidgey blankets, and they seem to be quite a hit. i'm so glad that people love them as much as i do!

i rounded out the week with a set of blocks for one baby izzie. this order came from a lovely local couple, who were themselves gifted a set of blocks when their little guy was born last winter, and who now wanted to share them with a friend. my favourite kind of word of mouth, and a huge compliment, too.

i've got three more custom orders to finish up this week, and then i'm on to some linen goodies and a good dose of halloween buckets. phew!

[i'm not sure whether you can tell here, but i've ever-so-slightly adjusted the placement of the ribbons on my blocks. i'm not sure that i'm through fiddling with them. in fact, they may disappear altogether, i'm just not sure yet. this tiny adjustment may seem insignificant, but it means a whole lot. more on that later on.]