shanna murray

artist - stylist - optimist. i love shanna murray's tagline, isn't it divine? i have always been an optimist, i just believe that things will work out in the end. i'm not saying i don't have thoughts of doubt, insecurity, and occasional hopelessness. who doesn't have those moments? but i do tend to look at the bright side over all. life just feels better that way.

anyhow, tangent aside, i just wanted to share the amazing wall decals by shanna murray. i know these have made the design blog rounds, but i've had decorating on my mind since our little one got into a big girl bed a couple weeks back. i want to finalize choices for her wall art. i've collected a couple of prints from etsy, and am on the hunt for a couple more. i will also be hanging julie morstad's alphabet cards, with baker's twine + mini clothes pegs. i feel like one of shanna's wall decals would be just right. i'm thinking this one, shown above, in charcoal. [her walls are palest greige, called dove wing]

though i also really love the sentiment here. i love you more than all the stars. isn't it true? sigh, so sweet. the garlands are awesome, too. i think it would be great to frame a whole wall of photos in these decals, like you see below. fun!

images via shanna murray on big cartel.


as an aside, i'm in the thick of the first week of kindergarten, getting used to a new, early routine and new activities. i've also volunteered to be assistant coach for said kindergartner's soccer team [i know, in all my 'spare' time]. between meetings + forms + practices on top of a more limited work schedule + starting holiday prep, i'm feeling a little swamped! i hope you understand my being a tad scarce in the parts. i promise to keep posting when i can, i am really missing the everyday...

also, i listed these hallowe'en cuties in my shop on monday. what do you think? who's your favourite spook? little o has staked his claim on frankenstein!