again with the fall weather, i now realize i need some new slippers. the old navy specials i bought last year were comfy while they lasted, i suppose, but they sure didn't last long. and i wonder why...

anyhow, last night i was on a hunt for some new slippers, and my friend kristin at klt:works suggested the lovely la la shoes. i have swooned over the felt baby shoes many times before, and now i'm thinking this will be where i score myself some awesome handmade room shoes. now i just have to decide on colour + style. i love them all, it'll be a tough choice!

i've spent a good deal of time ogling the gorgeous flickr stream, too. so many goodies! i love these and these.

also, i am having to hold myself back from buying these for the baby. are you kidding me? for reals, how darned cute are these shoes? and these ballet flats? sheesh.

images via la la shoes on etsy