circle craft :: in fashion

yesterday marked the opening of the 2010 circle craft christmas market here in vancouver. it's actually been several years since i've been able to get to circle craft. my husband + i used to make it there every year, but since i started my business, it's been way more difficult. it falls right in the middle of my busiest time of year, where i'm literally glued to my sewing machine. this year, however, i was able to get out and see some of the fresh new vendors.
i thought i'd share a few posts about my favourite things, beginning with some of the fashion + accessories. over the years, the fashion being shown at circle craft has definitely made the jump to being more modern + forward, often ecological, and definitely in tune with my style. here are a few of my faves.

i'll preface this by saying that i totally love hats. i would probably be happy to wear one every day. these hats by wildhagen out of toronto are absolutely incredible. it's hard to say, but i think my favourite is the top left, called the arctic fox. all the hats are very fashionable, beautifully made [in canada!], completely unique, and gorgeous. i'll take one of each, please. also, if i could look as good in said hats as the models, that would be great.

also fun were the clothes from lilikoi. screenprinted illustrations on great looking tops, dresses, skirts, and bags. all sustainably + ethically handmade in canada, to boot. i especially love the inga top, shown above left in black with a fun skyline print.

i thought these cosmetic bags by shibang designs were simply gorgeous. layers of boldly coloured textile + thread adorn the simple pouches + bags, giving them a unique, fresh look. now i'm wishing i'd gone back and bought a couple for gifts, they were fantastic! designer robyn stevens studied textile arts at capilano university right here in north van, and then went on to complete a bfa at the nova scotia college of art and design. i definitely have my eye on that textiles program, i've heard that it is amazing.

one other textile artist i must mention in this post is designer jill harrop and her studio, heartfelt. her clothing, shawls, and scarves are fairly traded and then beautifully yet minimally embellished by the artist, with needle felted wool. the subtle colours woven into these natural textiles are just so lovely. i also love her philosophy on sustainably managed, minimal impact clothing. inspiring! visit her website to have a look at some images and find out more.