smidgebox stockings

november first. seriously? wow. there is a whole lot of stuff to get ready around here. i have a huge amount of sewing to do to prepare for my two big craft shows {here and here}, and i can't wait to get my holiday stuff rolled out in my shop!
so, i thought i'd share a little sneak peek of my first line of christmas stockings! of course, they have peek-a-boo appliques, i just can't help myself. there will be kiddo friendly styles, more grown-up versions, and eventually a collection of linen stockings for the peek-a-boo naturals holiday line.

i just love the little squirrel, isn't it the sweetest? i'm glad now that i hoarded this fabric for so long, it is so perfect for holidays.
anyhow, joining the stockings for my 2010 holiday line will be fabric buckets + mini buckets + pouches, all holiday styles. stay tuned!