we decorated our christmas tree last night. i still get really excited when i unwrap all my childhood ornaments. each one carries a flood of memories, filling my head with thoughts of holiday seasons past. waiting {not so patiently} for dad to string the lights so that we could go nuts with our ornaments. wishing i could hang my parents' special ones. dad moving our decorations around after the fact, so the tree would be more balanced. i think i inherited that trait from him. and the tinsel, only one per branch. he was a stickler!

this little wooden cradle was always one of my very favourites. i remember hanging it from it's three strings, carefully balancing it among the boughs, finding it a perfect spot, front + centre. my little d hung it for me this year. she delighted in the sleeping faces of the children, tucked into bed in their red gingham covers.

i'll share more of my tree over the next couple of weeks, more childhood favourites. i wonder if you have ornaments hanging around from when you were a kid. do you still love them, and hang them from your tree?

ps - yes, it is a fake tree. i am trying to convince my husband that we need a real one. next year, it will be mine.