it's time.

whoa time flies - mini goals clockboard :: mary kate mcdevitt

whoa is right! time does fly. i have enjoyed a wonderful extended holiday, and now the time has come to reopen my little shop to the world.
i had some pretty grand plans for my month 'off'. i had several new product designs in mind, web design, new blog. but when it came down to it, what i found i needed the most was some true time off. i did some sewing -- for myself and my kids! that felt pretty good. i played with these jokers, i took loads of photos, and even snuck in a whole lot of relaxing. i did think about the shop a lot, and i've tucked away some good ideas for the next while. but i decided that they could wait, until spring, until i'd had my rest.

open/closed sign :: mary kate mcdevitt

and so tomorrow, smidgebox designs will be open again. stay tuned for a couple new products this week, and more to come over the next short while. i hope you'll pop in and say hello!

ps - isn't mary kate mcdevitt's shop amazing? i adore her mini goals chalkboards.
so awesome.