a finnish lakeside getaway.

nestled into it's rocky surroundings, this angular finnish lakehouse is the perfect minimalist retreat. i love that the exterior materials were left untreated, to weather to a worn grey, further blending into the natural landscape.
the interior is finished with warm natural wood panelling and white paint + cabinets, with just enough space for a cozy family getaway. i think the hidden fire pit on the huge front deck is simply brilliant. who wouldn't want to roast marshmallows by the fire, gazing out at the sun setting over the lake? with views like this, there'd be nothing on my mind but pure relaxation + enjoyment.

i asked a couple of friends yesterday, if i were to move to scandinavia, would i just instantly become this stylish? i wouldn't mind finding out.

this ideal lakeside getaway was designed by huttunen-lipasti-pakkanen architects. all images are courtesy of their site. found via trendir.