bc home + garden show :: part 1

heading over to the bc home + garden show this past weekend, the exhibit i was most looking forward to was the karocabin. touted as the best in new innovation of prefab housing, karoleena homes are modular, fully customizable, eco-friendly, and completely gorgeous. using efficient building practices and environmentally conscious materials, karoleena is breaking ground with their green initiatives. i especially love the options to add solar panels or geothermal heating, as well as many other green choices above + beyond the already efficient building model.

i have always had a thing for prefab homes. typically sleek + modern, compact, and pared down to essentials, they just seem to me like the ideal way to get your dream vacation home. karoleena takes it one step further.
i was totally blown away by how spacious this tiny home seemed. it all came down to great interior design with a smartly planned layout. the interior-exterior fireplace adds coziness to the living room, and makes the deck feel more like an outside room.

the home is flooded with light from large windows + sliding doors, and transom windows right up to the ceiling. one whole half of the back wall is lined with floor-to-ceiling cabinets to maximize storage. the frosted glass sliding doors are a smart choice, from both a practical and style-savvy point of view. they take up very little space, allow light to flow through the entire home, and they look great, adding an industrial edge to the design.

i'm really looking forward to seeing what else is in store from this innovative calgary-based company. i love seeing the little guy succeed in a big marketplace, and this small team is well on their way to making a huge impact on the prefab home market. that they are a team of canadians makes it even sweeter for me.

check out the karoleena website for more information.

pics were taken by me. please excuse the poor lighting + composition, it was extremely busy and hard to get a good shot!