like mother, like daughter

my little gal got her hair cut on friday. the awesome french gentleman who cut her hair gave her a bit of a different style than her usual angled bob, but this suits her personality so well. pixie-like and a little crazy, just like her.
when i snapped a few pics of her that afternoon, i literally gasped when the image {above, left} came up on my computer screen. 'i've seen that picture before', i thought. i went to our other computer to pull up all the old family photos i've got scanned, and immediately found this picture of myself {above, right} from when i was just 2-1/2. it's one of my favourite pics of myself as a wee thing, i've always loved it.
i guess that's why i was so shocked by the picture of my little 2-1/2 year old d. because, beyond the blonde hair and green eyes, that was me staring back from the screen. right down to the crooked smile.