smidgebox designs facebook page

well, i've gone and done it. i finally made a facebook fanpage for smidgebox designs. there are a whole bunch of reasons that i resisted this for so long, but in the end, i have come to realize that it is going to be a great way to reach a lot of people. i know that many prefer facebook to other venues [blogs, twitter], and that i should really have a little representation there.

i'd love it if you'd come on over and visit me there. i'll be updating with new shop additions, events, goings-on from behind the scenes, works in progress, and probably even the odd exclusive promotion! you can 'like' the smidgebox facebook page by following the link. [and thanks for that! it'd be much appreciated.]

i followed a tutorial from my friend linda of a la mode stuff to help create my landing page. what do you think? linda is an expert at making her facebook page look pretty, you can catch a glimpse here. thanks, linda!!