blankets for brothers

two brothers, two sweet custom smidgey blankets. these blankets were both made within the last couple months. jack's mom loved his new baby blanket so much that she just had to have one for her older son, greyson, as well. i love the colour schemes she chose, that they complement one another without being too matchy.

the moon + stars motif is perfect for bedtime snuggles. for big brother greyson's, she asked if i could do a sun + clouds, which i think is a wonderful choice. i love how they both turned out, and i sure hope those two boys get loads of cuddle time with their new smidgey blankets.

as a final note, i have to say that i feel so lucky to have such amazing customers. i have now worked with jack + greyson's mom on three separate blankets, and she is an absolute delight to collaborate with. i'm so so happy that she loved each blanket enough to come back and order another, it is truly the greatest compliment i could receive.


Sheelagh Brothers said...

Both gorgeous!! I love seeing what you and your customers come up with for custom-jobs. Very inspiring and awesome. Especially neat to see interesting ones for boys - I can come up with all sorts of motifs for girls, but it's trickier for the wee gentlemen. Great job :)

Julie said...

absolutely love those Lesley!

Pinecone Camp said...

Oh boy those are cute! Lucky guys. I've only just started sewing...I'm laughing at even trying to attempt something like that! You're a talented girl.

kate / tinywarbler said...

so, so nice lesley! they look great, i love the color combos.

lesley [smidgebox] said...

thanks everyone!

-- sheelagh, i was thrilled to work with such a creative customer, she had some great ideas!

-- julie, thank you! glad to see you stop by.

-- janis, you are too kind, thank you. i feel the same way about your photography, you are a magician behind the lens.

-- kate, thanks! i am very fond of the colours, too. love the pops of yellow. hope you're feeling well!