cherry + charcoal

i'm finally getting around to sharing a bag i made a couple months back. i'm not sure why i've never played with this colour combination before, but i absolutely love how it turned out! the cherry red lining just pops against the dark charcoal canvas. this bag was commissioned by a lovely return customer -- she wanted a new bag for her birthday, and i was thrilled to make something special for her.

as a special request, i was asked to add a divider to my weekly tote. it took a bit of figuring and moving a couple pockets around, but went really smoothly. you can see a peek of the divider, above.

in case you couldn't tell, i quite like photographing my bags with my favourite chairs. eames goes with just about anything, don't you think?


Joy said...

One word: LOVE!

Your creations are sooooo cool!

hardydanielle said...

The pattern is gorgeous! Love this- beautiful designs