twenty eleven

the lights of my life! it's been a long year full of many ups and downs, but still an amazing time watching these two grow. i took these photos january 1 2011. i'll be sure to snap a few tomorrow to see how they've changed.
as for me, i'm looking forward to a year full of growth. we have some potentially big changes in store, and i'm also looking at ramping up my little business throughout the year. i have big plans for smidgebox! first up, back to more regular postings in this space.

here's to 2012 -- happy new year, friends.


Julie said...

they are so adorable! happy new year to you and your crew, can't wait to hear/see what's in store for smidgebox in 2012!!!

alamodestuff said...

So sweet! Beautiful kids!

Happy 2012, Lesley.