my vancouver.

second beach

burrard street bridge, from granville island

dundarave beach

grouse mountain

mosquito creek park

vancouver skyline, from my 'hood

panorama park, deep cove

cates park

capilano canyon

cleveland dam

vancouver skyline, from lonsdale quay

{my vancouver. my heart}
there's a reason i've been waxing poetic about vancouver of late. beyond the obvious, that is, that i absolutely love this city. in may, my little family will be moving to victoria. not too far, and very beautiful in its own right. but my heart will remain here, at least until i can give a piece of it to victoria. i will miss my city and all that it holds. but the time has come to move along, for now, for a while.
this will mean some slight changes around here. we have a mountain of stuff to accomplish before we go, with the house + with life itself. moving is tough! in so many ways. but i will keep myself attuned to the new doors and windows that will open for us, and i know there will be many.
vancouver will always be my home, and we will return, one day.


Molly said...

Oh wow - that is big news! Congratulations! Wishing you guys the very best.

Anile | Girlfriday said...

So gorgeous!! And, so personal - love seeing your family in your pics. And - wow!! Moving to Victoria! I've spent a very short time in both cities but I got to spend a tiny bit more time in Victoria and I loved it there. I know you will too. And you'll be able to take that gorgeous drive to Ucluelet whenever you want :) Congratulations!! And, good luck with the move.

katemakes said...

NOOOOOOOO! Or sorry, congratulations:) Just don't want you to go. But on the other hand, I will have someone new to visit when we stay at the 'Lee family room hotel' (it's a little small, but the rates are cheap). You will enjoy 'the Rock' - Tofino is closer too.

Edins House said...

Ahhh Lesley!
I've noticed your My City/Vancouver posts lately. Now we know the why of it!! I love Victoria - lived there for a few years when attending UVic. I was a Mom of a son similar in age to your kiddies and found Victoria to be a wonderful community to raise children. I'm sure you will too! One of the things I love about Victoria is slower paced yet still city-ish vibe. I'd go back to Victoria in a heart-beat, even though - like you - I simply LOVE Vancouver!!
Yep... I'm a bit envious!! ;-)
Victoria (Vickie so as to ease city/name confusion LOL!)

kickpleat said...

oh wow, big news, Lesley!!! I love Vancouver too, but I certainly understand the need to move away. Victoria is sweet and charming and there's lots of loveliness to explore.

Sarah (mrsgryphon) said...

I can certainly sympathize with the stress and "mountains of stuff to accomplish" when it comes to a big move (we're *still* unpacking from our AB to ON odyssey!)... Victoria is a pretty fantastic destination, though! I wish you all the best for a speedy house sale and that you find the perfect home in your new city!

Sarah (mrsgryphon) said...

Also: gorgeous photos! I look forward to seeing your view of Victoria as well :)

alamodestuff said...

Moves are exciting and frightening. I think it's a great opportunity to show your kids how flexible and united the family will be. I love Vancouver but I'm certain Victoria will be wonderful also.

Best of luck. I've been there.

Candied Fabrics said...

My first thought was - but your KITCHEN! You haven't even finished it!!!!! I'm right there with Linda's comments!

MissSultana said...

hey lovely landscape pics!!
Which camera did you use to take these snap?

lesley [smidgebox] said...

thank you everyone for your kind and sweet comments. it really means a lot, having these friends who are supportive and excited for us! we are looking forward to our new adventure, even though we are sad to be leaving our amazing home.

lesley [smidgebox] said...

@missSultana, thank you! I use a very simple Canon Rebel xs camera. {and i think a couple are from my iphone, too!}