royal mint

i love exploring new-to-me shops that i discover through the people in my circle on etsy. it is fun to see what others have discovered in the vast expanse of etsy shops, it is simply impossible to imagine that you could see it all, there is just SO much.
i was pretty blown away by the incredibly detailed miniature characters made by sabina of royal mint. they seem practically alive, their facial expressions and body language are simply spot on. sabina's photography is perfect, too, and just helps to bring these little guys to life. i am completely smitten by mr badger. isn't he fantastic? {in case you were wondering, yes that pun was intended.}

all images via royal mint

learn more about royal mint in this etsy featured seller interview.

special big thanks to local-vancouver-designer-extraordinaire melanie kimmet, who is always finding amazing + fun things on etsy. you should definitely add her to your circle. {her paper goodies are pretty awesome, too.}


katemakes said...

Adorable. You have to check out the book, MicroCrafts. SO teeny tiny! Very cute little bits.

Lysa said...

These fellow are SO cute! Even the photo's of them would make great prints or greeting cards wouldn't they!