hello, friends. it seems as if this space has had a little bit of a break, and while unintentional, i think it's what needed to happen since we moved from vancouver back in early may. there has been so much to do, and a whirlwind of activity and settling in has happened. i have been instagramming a lot along the way, i find it so simple and fun to share photos over there, don't you? you can follow me @smidgebox if you like. here are some highlights.

vancouver said goodbye with a gorgeous stretch of weather. the sunset was spectacular as we left town on our last evening.

but we couldn't stay away, we were back for a visit only a month later!

i'm not sure how green my thumb is, but i have to say i'm loving the garden so far.

we adore our new yard, lots of space for the kids to run! a gorgeous maple shades the front, where i love to sit and watch the leaves flickering in the breeze, and an amazing mature arbutus tree anchors the corner  of the back yard.

i finally got the chance to set up my new sewing machine, and put it to use. with a new {to us}, bigger house to fill, i've been doing a little shopping! ok, a lot of shopping. there are a couple more furniture deliveries happening next week that i am very excited about.

our neighbourhood is great. we have a cool little village a short walk away, and the beach only a few minutes further along. bliss.

i have to admit, i'm just not sure how often i'll be here to write as i was in this space, for the near future anyway. i love sharing my inspiration and finds from around the web, but my life has been taking a bit of a turn offline for a while now, and i need to follow that to where it leads. i have no doubt i'll be back, when things shift again and move into yet another phase. but for now, i need to be with my kiddos and enjoy getting my hands dirty in the garden, get back to my sewing, and just be.
i will pop in every now and again with some instagrams or news to share, and will return to my little corner of the web when the winds change. thanks for listening, and letting me be here in my space.

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